Azure Policy Aliases
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Azure Policy Aliases

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This website is made to make it easier to quickly find and search for supported Azure Policy Aliases to use when authoring custom Azure Policy definitions. Available aliases are automatically updated every day.

This site is made by @matsest and have no affliations with Microsoft.


Use the search field to search for a resource type (e.g. Storage Accounts) or a resource property (e.g. properties.accountType).

Alternatively you can browse the sidebar, find the relevant provider namespace and filter on the relevant resource type.

Example Alias (from Storage Accounts)

Default Path Alias
properties.accountType Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/accountType

The default path corresponds to the path given in the resource specification (e.g. in an ARM or Bicep file), while the alias is the corresponding field to use in your Azure Policy definition.


For reasons unknown finding supported policy aliases is normally done through either PowerShell/Azure CLI or VS Code Extension.

Both of these approaches requires additional tooling setup, and multiple commands/steps to carry out. They also requires you to be signed-in to Azure just for finding out if an alias is available. Why not just a searchable reference documentation instead?

This web site uses the Get-AzPolicyAlias cmdlet to generate the full overview of all supported policy aliases and is run once every day to always have a full list of up-to-date searchable policy aliases in a small, static web site.

More information

Find more information on GitHub.